Thursday, June 9, 2016

Raise the Cup

By: MF,

Tonight could be the night the Pittsburgh Penguins raise the Stanley Cup over their heads in front of the home crowd in Pittsburgh. It would become the first time the Penguins have won the Stanley Cup at home. The Penguins hold a 3-1 series lead over the San Jose Sharks and have the chance to end this Stanley Cup Final.

There haven't been any changes only talk about home the Penguins have come this far. Since Head Coach Mike Sullivan was hired things have been on the up and up. Sullivan states that it has to do with the players investing and trusting the system. The fans have also seen that system and invested in it. Pittsburgh Nation has watched as the Penguins have evolved and grown over the last few months. They went from not even being able to make the playoffs to the Stanley Cup Final. The Sharks were the top pick by experts and those at NBC, but Pittsburgh has shown them why not to underestimate them. They will have to stay focused and continue to bring up the level of the game.

The Penguins have nine postseason wins this year, which ties them with the team record set in 1991, 2008, and 2009. They have also set a new Penguin record for most home games in a postseason at 13. Going into this game, the Penguins all-time record in the Stanley Cup Final is 10-3 and they have won five-straight home games in the Final.

The Sharks will be a desperate team, however, the Penguins have weathered suck storms before, they only need to do it once more. Lets Go Pens! 

The Pens lineup is as follows:



Murray in the net!

Play by Play
Pens 2 Sharks 4

3rd Period
0:00 - The Pens fall to the Sharks 4-2 in Game Five. The Pens still hold the series lead 3-2. The Pens dominated the second and third period, but Jones was the difference maker. Things look good as the Pens head back to San Jose for Game Six.

1:20 - Pavelski scores an empty netter. Thornton enters the zone and passes over to Pavelski who puts it in. 4-2 Sharks

1:30 - Pens with empty net.

2:01 - Jones has been solid and lucky. The combination has kept the Pens from scoring.

3:34 - Rust's backhander goes off the mask of Jones and the rebound sits in the blue paint. Hagelin gets two whacks at it, but Jones comes up with the save.

3:56 - Solid penalty kill effort by the Pens and Hagelin is set free.

5:56 - Sharks are headed onto the power play as Hagelin takes a hooking penalty. Huge penalty kill.

7:31 - Crosby gets speed down the win and rifles one that Jones stirs away to the corner.

8:47 - The Sharks have iced the puck three times now. The Pens have dominated as shots are 40-20 Pens. Jones has been a fort for Sharks.

12:32 - Murray gets a piece of a shot by Marleau and then covers. Huge save.

14:14 - Jones robs Sheary! Shots are 37-17 in favor of the Pens. Jones only one that still stands in the way of the Pens tying things up.

15:16 - Malkin is having a great game. Definitely one of his best. He wants another one bad.

17:21 - Been a slightly even start for both teams. Pens have the shot advantage and dominated the second period. They can do this.

20:00 - Time for the third period! The Pens need to keep up the pressure and play their game! For the Stanley Cup! Lets Go Pens!

2nd Period
0:00 - Second period ends and the Sharks still have the 3-2 lead over the #Pens. Jones the only reason Sharks do.

1:01 - The Pens have dominated on the shot clock. Jones the only reason Sharks still have the lead.

3:47 - Hornqvist gets in and is right in front of the net, but Jones responds with a save.

4:52 - Bonino fires in a backhand shot right in front. Jones robs him with a sliding pad save. Jones keeping the Pens at bay for now.

5:06 - Maatta jumps into a rush with Makin's line. He snaps one on net that is stopped, but the loose puck is bouncing around the blue paint. Everyone crashes in, but somehow Jones ends up with it in his glove.

7:29 - The Sharks kill off the Pens power play and are made whole again.

9:29 - Another power play opportunity coming to the Pens as Karlsson is nabbed for slashing. Golden chance for the Pens to tie things up.

11:08 - Crosby makes a no look, back pass to Sheary. He rips one on net, but Jones with the save. Pens need to get traffic on front and create second chances to get one past Jones.

12:02 - Successful penalty kill by the Pens. Penalty kill once again comes up big.

14:02 - Murray with a solid save on a shot from Ward. Pens are caught with too many men on the ice. Sharks get a power play chance.

15:57 -  A lot more energy coming from the Pens in this period. Polak lays a hit on Dumoulin from behind that puts him into the boards. No call and things resume.

17:01 - Hornqvist holds and drags the puck back before snapping a shot on net. Jones makes the save and holds.

19:12 - Solid start by the Pens first line. They get the forecheck and cycling going in the offensive zone. Jones covers for a whistle.

20:00 - Second period time! The Pens need to come out more focused and pressure the Sharks often! Lets Go Pens!

1st Period
0:00 - First period ends and the Sharks have the 3-2 lead over the Pens.

1:35 - HBK line gets a rush going and Kessel passes over to Bonino who is robbed by Jones.

3:39 - Murray has had a rough first period. He better snap out of this funk soon.

5:13 - Karlsson scores. Couture with a back pass to Karlsson one in the slot area. He snaps one past the glove of Murray. 3-2 Sharks

5:32 - Jones robs Fehr. Jones keeping Sharks in this one.

7:02 - Some mishandling of the puck by the Pens that give the Sharks some chances. However, the Pens lay their bodies on the line to block those chances. None made it the net.

9:42 - Burns is set free and the Pens power play ends. Both Kunitz and Kessel rang shots off the post. Nice looks for the Pens.

11:42 - Another power play chance for the Pens as Burns sits for high-sticking.

12:00 - The crowd is going nuts as the Pens are bringing it right now. Jones with two big saves to keep things tied for the Sharks.

14:54 - HAGELIN SCORES! Bonino rips a hard shot on net that goes off the Hagelin, who is right in front of Jones, into the net! Pens have tied things at two a piece!

15:15 - MALKIN SCORES ON THE POWER PLAY! Malkin tries to pass over the puck to Crosby with a shot/pass! It goes off the shin of a Shark player past Jones! 2-1 Sharks 

15:38 - Zubrus is called for delay of game and the Pens head onto the power play.

16:01 - Not a good start for the Pens. Maybe all the excitement got to them.

17:07 - Couture scores. Sharks get a good cycle going below the goal line and get it back to the point. Couture camps in front and redirects the point shot past Murray. 2-0 Sharks

18:56 - Burns scores. Burns goes in behind the night to fish out the puck and comes out in front. He turns and rips one blocker side past Murray. 1-0 Sharks

20:00 - The puck has dropped at Consol and the Cup is in the house! The Pens need to stay focused and take advantage of home ice! Time to raise it at home! Lets Go Pens! 

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