Friday, November 13, 2015

Time to hang up the Blue Jackets!

By: MF,

Tonight the Pittsburgh Penguins will face off against a desperate team, the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Blue Jackets started the season losing their first eight games, which is the worst start in the National Hockey League’s 72 years. Since they hired John Tortorella as their head coach, the team has gone 4-5. Desperate teams can be the most deadly to face, so the Penguins will have to keep their heads on a swivel.

The forward line combinations will be the same as last game since they seemed to click well. However, there will be changes to the defensive pairings as every pairing will be shaken up. They will be listed below in the lineup combinations.

The Penguins will have to stay focus and keep the pressure on the Blue Jackets. They cannot afford to let the Blue Jackets get any momentum. Lets Go Pens!

The lineup is as follows:

Dupuis – Crosby – Bennett
Perron – Malkin – Kessel
Kunitz – Bonino – Hornqvist
Cullen – Fehr – Sprong

Dumoulin – Lovejoy
Maatta – Letang
Cole – Scuderi

Fleury in the net 

Play By Play
Pens 1 Blue Jackets 2

3rd Period
0:00 - That will do it for this one. The Pens are unable to comeback and the Blue Jackets come out with 2-1 win.

0:13 - It looks like the Pens have tied things up, but the refs rule it no goal as Hornqvist kicks in the puck. He did make a kicking motion. They review and the call stands.

0:31 - Empty net for the Pens again.

0:57 - HORNQVIST SCORES! Letang fires a rocket from the point and it's deflected by the stick of Hornqvist in front! 2-1 Blue Jackets.

1:42 - Timeout for the Pens.

2:20 - Pens with the empty net!

2:38 - Fleury makes a good pad save, but the puck slips through. Fleury dives back to stick the puck away from the goal line! What a great save! He didn't give up!

3:09 - The Pens are not generating any offense and are not looking good. Hard to believe this team beat the Montreal Canadiens (#1 team in the NHL).

7:03 - Another horrible power play showing for the Pens that looked more like a penalty kill. Fleury makes an unreal stretch pad save on a 2 on 1 chance!

9:03 - Connauton to the box and another power play chance for the Pens.

9:19 - Fleury makes unreal left pad save and dives to get the rebound.

9:35 - The Pens are now 0-5 on the power play and it have any shots on this one as it's easily killed.

11:41 - Power play for the Pens, they need to generate something on this one. Feels like their last chance to get something going.

11:56 - Finally the Pens get a quality chance on net, but can't get it past Bobrovsky.

13:34 - The Pens only have 17 shots. They need to pick it up.

15:06 - More line changes for the Pens as Fehr is now out with Crosby and Dupuis.

18:57 - The power play for the Pens is killed off.

20:00 - The third period is underway! The Pens have a power play for 1:01 to start this one! Time to capitalize on the power play! Lets Go Pens!

2nd Period
0:00 - Second period ends and the Blue Jackets lead 2-0.

0:02 - Malkin rings one off the goal post!

0:59 - Pens power play.

1:32 - That is a successful kill for the Pens.

3:32 - 1:51 power play for the Blue Jackets.

3:41 - 9 seconds of 4 on 4 then the Blue Jackets will get a power play as Kunitz is off to the sin bin.

5:32 - Power play time for the Pens...not sure if I should be happy about this.

7:11 - Saad Scores on the power play. Murray finds Saad in the slot with space. Saad's backhand goes past the glove of Fleury. 2-0 Blue Jackets.

8:38 - Now Malkin is headed to the box for tripping. Blue Jackets power play. Horrible time to take a penalty.

8:52 - Hartnell Scores. Fleury makes the initial save, but Hartnell is left alone beside the net. Hartnell puts the puck in the open net. Fleury had no chance. 1-0 Blue Jackets.

10:09 - Things are still scoreless. Pens need to make an extra push offensively.

12:39 - The Pens power play comes to an end.

13:47 - 1:08 power play for the Pens.

14:39 - 51 seconds of 4 on 4 as Cullen is tripped up by Connauton.

15:47 - Hornqvist takes a seat for tripping and the Pens have to kill a Blue Jackets power play.

16:38 - The Pens are playing a solid game, but need to generate more offensive pressure and shots.

20:00 - Second period time! Lets Go Pens!

1st Period
0:00 - First period ends and this one is still scoreless.

0:35 - Fleury makes a snow angel save!

2:20 - Fleury with a good glove save to get the whistle.

4:41 - Solid penalty kill by the Pens and Kunitz is set free.

6:41 - Now the Blue Jackets will get a power play chance as Kunitz goes to the sin bin for tripping.

7:12 - Fleury makes a fantastic poke check save.

8:49 - Sprong with a great shot that is saved by the toe of Bobrovsky!

9:48 - The power play for the Pens comes to an end and the Blue Jackets had the best scoring chance.

11:48 - The Pens are getting the first power play of the game. Campbell for tripping.

14:05 - Perron just misses a huge rebound chance from Bobrovsky! Perron does a some great backchecking to get the puck away from the Blue Jackets. 

16:02 - Kunitz with a golden chance, but the fires wide! 

17:32 - The Pens have had some good looks on the Blue Jackets net. 

20:00 - The puck has dropped in Pittsburgh! Time for the Pens to shut down the Blue Jackets! Lets Go Pens! 

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