Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Penguins Finish Their Western Canada Road Trip!

By: MF, The Pens Hockey Show

The Penguins are in Calgary to finish up their Western Canada road trip tonight. This is the Penguins second game in a back-to-back set. The Penguins are coming off a overtime loss to the Edmonton Oilers last night and will look to bounce back. On a good note, Sidney Crosby scored a goal and checked the Oilers off the list of teams (very short one now) that he hasn't scored against. The Penguins want to close out this road trip with a win before coming back to Pittsburgh! The Penguins just need to stay focus, use their speed, and keep up the offensive pressure. Lets Go Pens!

The Pens lineup is as follows:

Kuni, Sid, Gibbons
Jokinen, Geno, Neal
Pyatt, Sutter, Glass
Adams, Sill, Engo

Orpik, Bortuzzo
Niskanen, Maatta
Tanger, Scuderi

Flower in the cage!

Play By Play
PENS 2 Flames 1

3rd Period

1:16- Flames empty net.

2:34- Flower makes a quick pad save on shot through traffic!

3:40- The Pens ice the puck and end up calling a timeout.

4:33- The Flames looked like a huge weight was lifted off their shoulders. They have more jump to their step.

7:55- Flames PP ends and the Pens are back to full strength.

8:30- Flames still have a PP for 35 seconds.

8:31- BACKLUND SCORES! Backlund just runs right over Tanger and whacks at the bouncing puck to put it over the glove shoulder of Flower! 2-1 Pens!

8:50- Geno gets the puck after a Flames turn-over and turns the Flames defense inside out. Berra is there to make the pad save on Geno's slot shot!

10:31- Cammalleri takes a cross-checking penalty and we will have some 4 on 4 hockey for 2:00. Glass did a great job on the PK and drew that penalty.

10:45- The Pens have kill off about half of the Flames PP.

12:56- Bortuzzo runs right over Giordano in the neutral zone and a penalty is called. A scrum erupts at the Pens blue line. Bortuzzo is sent to the locker room and Flames have a 5 minute PP. Bortuzzo is called for a illegal check to the head and gets a match penalty.

13:40- The Pens kill off the PP and Geno is out of the box. He comes into the zone with speed and drops a pass to Tanger. Tanger fires a shot just wide of the net!

14:14- Gibbons is out for the rest of the game with a lower body injury.

14:48- Flames PP for 1:05 now.

15:44- Geno is now off to the penalty box for holding. 4 on 4 hockey for 56 seconds.

16:48- The Pens are getting a PP as Monahan is called for hooking.

17:04- Geno makes a BA pass between his legs and behind him to Jokinen flying into the Flames zone.

20:00- Time for the final (maybe) period in Calgary! The Pens need to keep shutting down the Flames offensive attempts! Lets Go Pens!

2nd Period
0:00- Second period ends and the Pens extend their lead 2-0 over the Flames!

1:24- Sid and Kuni get a 2 on 1 chance. Sid releases a quick shot and it rings off the goal post!

2:11- The Pens are successful and Bortuzzo is set free.

4:11- Now the Flames are getting a PP as Bortuzzo is called for holding of stick.

4:37- The Flames are able to kill off another Pens PP. The Pens had some good looks on net this time.

6:37- Geno rips one and it goes off Berra! Neal draws a penalty on Smid giving the Pens another PP chance.

8:31- The Flames kill off the Pens PP and did a good job, even getting a good shorthanded opportunity.

9:40- The Flames get a great chance on net and Flower makes a save while falling down! Maybe using the back of his head to make the save!

10:31- The Pens are headed onto the PP as Stajan trips up Tanger.

13:18- NISKANEN SCORES!! Tanger makes a great move to get the puck out of the Pens zone and up the ice! Niskanen fires a shot from the blue line! It finds its way through traffic and through the five-hole of Berra! 2-0 Pens!

15:47- The Pens with a great PK effort and keep the Flames from setting anything up in the offensive zone. Neal is released from the box.

17:47- The Pens are called for too-many-men on the ice. Flames getting a PP opportunity.

19:52- Gibbons is still not the ice for the Pens.

20:00- Second period is underway! The Pens need to keep taking it to the Flames and keep them from gaining any momentum! Lets Go Pens!

1st Period
0:00- The first period ends and the Pens have the lead 1-0 over the Flames!

1:14- The Pens started a bit slow, but turned it up and starting taking it to the Flames. Flower has been sharp in the net.

3:26- KUNI SCORES! Kuni receives a pass and fires a bad angle shot! The puck flies pass Berra into the net! The Pens score first! 1-0 Pens!

6:28- Gibbons is now missing from the Pens bench.

7:51- Niskanen takes a shot from the point, which is stick away by Berra. The Pens now have nine shots and looking to be feeling it more now. Berra has been strong for the Flames and keeping the Pens at bay.

8:56- Engo is back on the bench for the Pens.

10:19- Engo has headed to the locker room.

10:37- Kuni passes up to an open Sid. He takes off and tries to put one pass Berra, but just isn't able! Only a matter of time.

11:01- Sid whacks at the puck to get it into the Flames zone. He puts a lightning quick shot on net and Berra is just able to make the save. What a shot by the Captain!

13:55- Flower has to make a great stick save. The Flames have six shots to the Pens one.

15:19- Engo and McGrattan drop the gloves. McGrattan gets a good first hit on Engo and he goes down. Thus ends the fight. Engo appears to be just fine as he heads to the box.

16:05- Neal passes across the ice to Geno who fires off a shot! Berra makes the pad save.

20:00- The puck has dropped in Calgary! The Pens need to come out with some speed and take it to the Flames early! Lets Go Pens! 

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