Monday, June 3, 2013

Penguins Look to Rally Back in Game 2!

The Pens were shutout 3-0 on Saturday during the first game of the series and now trail 1-0 in the series. However, the Pens are ready to bounce back in this game and tie the series up before heading off to Boston. The Pens let their emotions get the better of them, including out star players, but they should tighten things up tonight. They need to stay calm, control the puck, make good passes, keep Boston out of their zone, and mostly importantly put pucks behind Rask!

The Pens lineup is as follows:

Kuni, Sid, Duper
Neal, Geno, Iginla
Cooke, Sutter, Morrow 
Jokinen, Vitale, Adams

Orpik, Martin
Tanger, Niskanen
Murray, Engo

Vokoun in the cage!

Play By Play
Pens 1 Bruins 6

3rd Period
0:00- Bruins win 6-1 and take a 2-0 series lead over the Pens! Really not much you can say after that horrible performance by the Pens. They need to bring it in Boston. Time to put up or shut up!

1:21- BOYCHUK SCORES! The Pens are walking zombies and Boychuk takes advantage. 6-1 Bruins

6:30- Engo and Lucic are released from their boxes.

9:30- Engo and Lucic in the box with matching penalties.

10:34- The Pens PP ends and they have crashed the net. How the puck stays out is unreal. Morrow is down behind the net...holding his head.

12:34- Lucic sits for interference and the Pens will get a PP.

14:37- The Pens have had some great chances in front of the Bruins net at times, but somehow can't get the puck behind Rask.

19:32- BERGERON SCORES! The Bruins win an offensive zone faceoff and have some amazing puck movement. Bergeron is wide open at the side and blast one into the net. 5-1 Bruins

20:00- Third period is underway! The Pens need to pull their head out of their butts and play like the team they really are! Lets Go Pens!

2nd Period
0:00- Second period ends and the Bruins still lead 4-1!

1:06- The Pens get some amazing chances in front of the net and crash it for the puck, but no goal

3:15- The Bruins ice the puck and call a timeout. Martin fires a shot from the blue line, but Rask makes the gloves save.

6:06- The Pens PP comes to an end. Just a horrible PP for the Pens, only had one good chance.

8:06- The Pens get their first PP as Marchand is headed to the box for tripping on Sid.

10:24- Sid's line gets some great time in the Bruins zone, but they can't get much on the net.

13:33- The Pens get a few chances on net, but nothing solid enough. They need to work harder to get a puck behind Rask and especially need better puck management.

17:19- Flower with two saves so far. The Pens really haven't gotten any time in the Bruins zone...they really need this to start digging themselves out of this hole.

20:00- Time for the second period! The Pens better step it up a lot of levels and put lots of pucks behind Rask! Lets Go Pens!

1st Period
0:00- First period ends and the Bruins lead it 4-1.

0:08- MARCHAND SCORES! The Pens loss a battle on the boards and Marchand gets room up the wing. He blows one past the glove of Flower. 4-1 Bruins.

0:33- SUTTER SCORES!!! Cooke passes it up to Sutter and he gets some room. He fires one pass the glove of Rask and into the top corner of the net. 3-1 Bruins.

3:37- KREJCI SCORES! The Bruins school the Pens in their own zone and Krejci blows one pass the glove of Vokoun! Bruin go up 3-0. THE FLOWER IS COMING IN!

5:23- HORTON SCORES! Tanger with a horrible giveaway, trying to go up the ice, but the Bruins turn over the puck. Horton picks up the rebound in the blue paint and puts it in the wide open net. 2-0 Bruins

5:30- The Pens kill off the Bruins PP.

7:30- Geno takes a shot in the slot area and Rask makes the save, Iginla can't find the rebound! Orpik goes to the box for elbowing and the Bruins get the first PP of the game.

8:32- Vokoun with some nice saves, but giving up rebounds. The Pens are able to keep the puck out of the net.

12:30- Iginla with a nice takeaway in the Pens zone to get the play moving up the ice.

14:32- Cooke just laid out Kelly! A solid hit in the neutral zone by Cooke.

16:18- The Pens get some time in the Bruins zone, but the Bruins are able to block the Pens shots before they can get to the net.

19:32- MARCHAND SCORES! Sid mishandles the puck at the Boston blue line and Marchand is able to get a breakaway. He puts one over the glove hand of Vokoun. 1-0 Bruins early in this game.

20:00- The puck has dropped on Game 2 at Consol Energy Center! The Pens need to come out hard and put some pucks behind Rask early! Lets Go Pens! 

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