Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pens Dominate!

The Pens dominated the Avalanche in a 6-3 yesterday! In the beginning of the game it was a different story, the Avalanche were the ones dominating. They scored three goals in the first and kept the Pens pinned in their own zone. Staalsy started the scoring for the Pens in the second period and continued scoring. Duper, Brooksie, Geno, Neal, and Tanger all racked up goals. Geno's goal was just plain amazing. He stick handled his way to the front of the net, right pass all the defenders and held on to the puck long enough to get the goalie to go one way and he went another way. Flower held down the fort with not allowing any goals after the first period. The Pens got to their game and finish with a win to bring to their Florida trip.  The three stars were: 1. Neal 2. Geno 3. Tanger

PENS #1 in the East!!!

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