Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pens road trip was NOT a complete success!!!

The Pens seemed to be back to normal. The team we all know and love on October 30th against the Hurricanes. They were getting pucks deep, fore-checking, and playing a good, physical game. They beat the Hurricanes 3-0, Johnson recorded his first shutout for the season. This didn't last long...the Pens visited the Stars on November 3rd, and lost 3-5. They played nothing like the team that played the Hurricanes. It was so frustrating to watch. A high note was, our title man Sid got in a fight against Matt Niskanen and kicked his butt.

Then they went to play the Ducks on November 5th and lost 2-3. Sid scored the two goals for the Pens, but the team full short. They didn't start looking good till the last minutes of the game and then it was to late. The Pens ended their road trip on a good note. They beat the Coyotes 4-3 in a shootout. Sid and Geno both got a goal that night, but it was Letestu that scored the shootout goal that won the game for the Pens. It was nice to see the whole team contributing, not just the big name players. Hopefully, the Pens will have more success on the rest of their road games.

As always, GO PENS!!!!!!!!!

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